Craniotomy Incision

Craniotomy Incision

A bit bigger than I anticipated, but at least all in my hairline. No facial nerves or muscles seem to be affected.

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Awwww. You have a great surgeon, J. Yes, that will flatten out eventually. And I'll bet the lymphedema will not persist. Ask your friend about massaging with a frozen spoon.
Massaging with a frozen spoon. I'd rather eat the frozen ice cream with that spoon. My god Palp, that is the most stunning picture of a hairline, I have ever seen. You would have to go and start a trend!!! How are you really though. Are you in any pain? It's just hard to believe that this happened so fast. I'm not sure how to respond to it except to make jokes, and that isn't how I feel, jovial is just not appropriate. I only want to make you laugh, because you are so good at that. I'm praying dear friend.
Wow .. I feel that we are living in a time of miracles and you are so beautiful and will overcome this, One.. big hugs and love and always love Sabina
It looks stylish. And, CLEAN!! Glad no ill effects. Hugs, Carol
Very clean and I hope your recovery is swift and you can get back to some good yoga to help things along. You are such an inspiration to me.Don't worry about the poetry and wonderful blogging that you have done in the past I know you will get back to that point soon, and us as your friends can always go back and read those wonderful! All we want is to know that you will heal and beat this awful illness, and always remember that you are loved! hugs xoxo
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I imagine that's the kind of incision surgeons consider a masterpiece. It looks so full of care and artistry.
Good on you for this posting this picture, every bit as beautiful as ever.
What a treasure you are.
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I had this surgery a month ago. My incision is so irritated, and I want to just scratch is so bad, which I have a couple of times. Sometimes it itches so bad I pray that he will take away the itching so I won't scratch it. Yours looks like it curved alot, which is good. Mine goes straight down. I buzzed my hair before surgery, and I kind of regret it now, as I see people that did not, and their hair looks nice still. Oh well, live and learn I guess.
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