A Year and a Half after Brain Surgery

A Year and a Half after Brain Surgery

Doing quite well! Here I am with my hubby in July 2017.

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You look like you are doing quite well. I am glad for you. Good to see you living life.
Thanks, Deborah.
You look amazing! Gorgeous.
You look great. so happy for you. nice legs :)
Haha. Thanks, Laurie!
You look great! Thanks for posting this picture - it's an encouragement to all of us who are fighting cancer!
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Thanks, Jane! I'm glad.
Hi! You look good Palp. I concur with Laurie, nice legs, shaped like dancer's legs. Stay well.
Funny. Thanks, Marcia! I guess they're yoga legs... :)
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You look AWESOME!!!
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You are as much about what you don't do as what you do.

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I found a lump in my neck above my collarbone, and I had been having shortness of breath when speaking and exercising. Also tightness of upper chest when exercising.

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