Scans are ordered

An MRI of brain has been ordered tomorrow and CT scans of the rest of the body. I was supposed to go on retreat for 3 months, but better to be sure before I go and any imaging is done another four months from now. 

Sigh. I hope it is fine. I was ready to leave all the appointments behind for a while. 

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wish you the very best with your adventures and pray all comes out normal.
Hoping and praying it is normal, and hope you can enjoy the retreat! Hugs and Sunshine and Smiles Val
Hoping for a clear scan so you get away.
Thinking of you. Keep us posted.
Deep relaxing breath...I hope all is fine also
Love you Palp and your in my prayers... hugs and love and always prayers Sabina
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Vital Info


July 10, 2011

Ontario, Canada

June 15, 2011

Cancer Info

Ovarian Cancer

June 28, 2011

Stage 4

over 6.1

Grade 3


The losses of my future and a good deal of my present.

You are as much about what you don't do as what you do.

You all do it. :)

Complementary therapies of massage, acupuncture, diet, meditation, yoga, tai chi, prayer, and naturopathic medicine.

supraclavicular (aka scalene) lymph nodes, both right and left; pelvic, abdominal lymph nodes; fallopian tube. Brain 2016

They all want my tissue.

The gift of your presence is especially important.

Seek out all possible solutions.

Accept all the love and support that comes your way and marvel.

November 23, 2011

April 11, 2012

I found a lump in my neck above my collarbone, and I had been having shortness of breath when speaking and exercising. Also tightness of upper chest when exercising.

TBD, Feb 2016 - Brain

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