Leaving Saturday

Well, I'm still waiting for MRI results, but I've decided to dive in anyway and keep swimming...

Will be leaving Saturday and coming back (briefly) after about a month...

Continued good fight to you all. I'll post some pics later on.


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Hi Palp. So glad you're carrying on with your intended plan. That's the spirit I know you as move forward onward and let's have fun doing it. Results and tests are just that, another form of stress. I'm so impressed with your courage and fortitude. This trip will hopefully be your best one ever. And if you can please post where you're going unless I missed something. I have'nt a clue. Be well be safe be happy.
Hi Lousie! I'm going to the Bahamas for 3 months of yoga!! Yahoo!!
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You can still write some beautiful things to our blog while you're away. Yoga what a sensational way to spend three months. My sister owns a yoga studio called The Yoga Lounge in Toronto. She refreshes by going to a yoga retreat for a week every year. She has her Masters so she knows a lot. Please soak up the sun the waves the beautiful foliage and all the swimming that you hopefully will do in the ocean. Please write us your such a great writer. Be safe take care
Hey Palp....what does your screen name mean.? My only association with hit is either with a hit off a joint hit as in a contract on someone but I don't get what a palpable hit is sometime or other please clue me in
Hi Neal - it was a reference to a line in Hamlet: "A hit, a very palpable hit!" I was at high risk for cancer, and then found a "very palpable" node in my neck that had become invaded with ovarian cancer that had spread... That's how we found the primary...
Ahhhhhhh...from Hamlet..... a fencing term... Thank you Google
And so therefore translated into an apt expression or a phrase that hits the mark... Okay what else can you throw at me I like this I want to learn more
good luck with your retreat. Hope it is enjoyable. Sure MRI will come back with NED.
Go for it! Enjoy your travels.
Yes, Palp, go and enjoy the retreat. I think you're doing pretty good for all you've gone through. Check in when spare time permits. God bless.😘
Enjoy your time away. We all need a break from our cancer and enjoy life whenever we can.
Happy. Bírthday
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Hi. Happy birthday on the 15th. I figured I better do it now cuz by the end of the week I won't remember. Enjoy your birthday month
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You are as much about what you don't do as what you do.

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