Cancer and Goal-Setting

A young researcher approached me today at the local regional cancer foundation, where I have been participating in cancer-supporting yoga classes. She asked me and another survivor if we would be interested in joining a Walking Group for Cancer Patients to Discuss Goal-Setting. I must say, the other lady was a lot more receptive than I was.

Besides the optimism in organizing a walking group for cancer patients in January (in Ottawa), she seemed genuinely to think she had a good idea with respect to this notion of goal-setting.

Goal-setting? Really? Besides, like, live til next Christmas, I wanted to ask her if we could include things like these:

  • *try to pee straight. No. Seriously. If you've never had chemotherapy before, you might take for granted the ability to urinate in a straight line rather than in random streams under the rim of the toilet seat;
  • *sleep through the night without waking with muscles contracting all over your body; 
  • *have a shower every day;
  • *get dressed some days in something other than yoga pants.

No... now that I have endured two recurrences of ovarian cancer (well, enduring, still, technically -- I am in the midst of the second round of chemotherapy, at this mark of seven years post diagnosis)... well, I realize that I no longer set goals.

I just do stuff. Or don't do stuff. And try to accept both with equal parts equanimity.


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That researcher is obviously NOT a ca survivor, pfffft. You look wonderful though. Everything you do depends on how you feel when you wake up in the morning. And that's ok; we're adults, we do what we want to do. Have a pleasant, peaceful and uneventful holiday.😘👍🏻
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And you too, Marcia.
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Sorry to be so slow on this, wanted to thank you for this wonderful post! My only goal right now is to live One Day At A Time...and "don't let yesterday use up too much of today." HUG
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That was a funny way to put the realities we face each day! I was wondering if you could share the yogic postures you practice, because it is difficult to do the asanas that require standing. All I muster to do are the breathing exercises like bhastrika, kapal-bhati and anulom-vilom besides bhramari and udgeet.
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You are as much about what you don't do as what you do.

You all do it. :)

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