Still here — and presently in the clear

8 years of stage 4 serous elithelial ovarian cancer. 2 debulking surgeries (one in my frontal lobe). Two regimens of carbo/taxol. One series of stereotactic brain radiation. 

And just today, I decided I will have no more internal exams done by any doctor I don’t already know, and not unless indicated by imaging or symptoms. And I will give feedback for any doctor whose behaviour could use a little fine tuning in the sensitivity department.

Damn, that feels good! Now. Back to celebrating!

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Wow!!! Give 'em h*ll! And here's a hug for you...
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And one for you, too, Helen.
Wow, is it that long ago? I remember when there was a large group of us, writing furiously, supporting in a big way. Just might want to change your birth date though, unless you are 8😁😁😁???
I am so happy you are still that courageous warrior. You have been through hell. I'm happy you have the fight to stand up to those docs. Who might step over the line. You give us all a shake of courage. Be well and hope your summer is a whirlwind adventure.
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I kinda feel like life started anew 8 years ago... and don’t want to pit my real birth date in the aystem. Anyway, we are adventuring like crazy. Just back from a walking toir in the UK, a writing retreat in Toronto, and a week at a gorgeous cottage with friends. Now off to spend a couple weeks at my sister’s cottage. Wonderful sunmer! Sending love to you Louise.
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If you ever come back to Toronto, please let me know. Would like to buy you lunch or dinner, really. Sounds like you are doing so many enjoyable Summer activities. After all, it's a shortish season and this year more than others. Oh well, maybe warm Fall? Keep enjoying Palp, so glad you updated. I keep thinking, when am I to do this very same thing. Have to grease my fingers, massage my head and tap tap tap. KEEP ENJOYING.
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I would love to meet you.
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When summer calms down, we should exchange numbers and set up a lunch.
Every time I think about you, within a day or two, you post. I was in the shower (I know, it sounds odd, lol, but I do my best thinking in there) and I thought of you and where you may have travelled or hiked to, this summer. I'm always happy to see your posts. Enjoy the rest of the summer.😘
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Wow, so sweet, Marcia! How are you? I will have to post of this summer’s travels. It has been marvellous.
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I'm good, thanks. It was 7 years since dx last Wednesday. I let it pass with no fanfare, don't want to give ca any attention😒. Yes, please do when you get a chance, we'd love to see your adventures!
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Sooo... glad to hear that you are in the clear. I am still struggling with the recurrence however slight it may be because doctors don't seem to be running out of chemo options! I'll know my next chemo drug next week. Your good cheer is always infectious.
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I hope this next chemo works for you. It is hard knowing it is likely to come back again, isn’t it. Plan for thr worst, hopenfornthe best, and live in the present. Not easy. Hugs and love.
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Wonderful in all ways! Brava!
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Ya gotta be your own advocate!! Stand strong!
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You go girl !! Happy adventuring like crazy. Have an awesome time at your sister's cottage!!
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YAY!!!! Glad to hear from you!! Right on, to be in charge of your health. Docs with poor "bedside manner" are a "no-go."
Carol P.
That’s right. Take your power back. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎉🎂🎈🎁🎊
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The losses of my future and a good deal of my present.

You are as much about what you don't do as what you do.

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Complementary therapies of massage, acupuncture, diet, meditation, yoga, tai chi, prayer, and naturopathic medicine.

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They all want my tissue.

The gift of your presence is especially important.

Seek out all possible solutions.

Accept all the love and support that comes your way and marvel.

November 23, 2011

April 11, 2012

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I found a lump in my neck above my collarbone, and I had been having shortness of breath when speaking and exercising. Also tightness of upper chest when exercising.

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